Moloto Capital Investments (Moloto) is a 100% Black-owned and woman-controlled permanent capital investment company that is pioneering Black Industrialism in South Africa.


Moloto is an activist investor that through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, seeks to acquire control stakes in high-potential companies with strong management teams where there is significant opportunity for job creation, empowerment and localisation, foreign exchange generation and innovation. Moloto’s ambitions is to act as a catalyst to unlock economic value and transform key industries using the Black Industrialist initiative.


The company was founded by CEO Merafe Moloto and CIO Navaid Burney in 2016, a locally and internationally recognised investment team. Collectively Merafe and Navaid have over 45 years of financial services industry experience and proven fire power as principal transactors in private equity.


As a permanent capital investment company, Moloto is able to stay the course to successfully implement growth strategies unpressured by potentially untimely exit considerations.


To deliver exceptional value to all our stakeholders, including:

  • Alpha returns for investors
  • Enhanced competitiveness for partner companies
  • Stand out personal development experiences for employees, especially women
  • Broad-based wealth distribution, inclusive of the communities in which we invest
  • Development of, and greater inclusiveness in, the broader South African economy


We aim to realise our purpose by:

  • Applying an innovative, dynamic and active investor approach
  • Deploying appropriately-structured capital effectively and ethically
  • Taking a majority stake, in carefully selected companies with strong growth potential
  • Playing an active governance, strategic and operational role in investee companies
  • Making a meaningful and scalable impact in the areas of business growth, job creation, value chain improvement, global market opportunity and wealth generation


Moloto’s actions are guided by strong ethical values and principles.

A deal that demands ethical compromise isn’t worth concluding


True leaders don’t nurture followers. They create leaders


Always apply global best practices. Continuously raise the bar


Real growth extends beyond profit to upliftment


Always be proactive but never prescriptive

Fair Dealings

As with sharing in success, our partners’ concerns are our own concerns


Following the demise of apartheid and dawn of democracy, Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) has been the South African government’s strategy for driving economic and social transformation in the country.


Committed as we are to the urgent need for change in South Africa, attaining the top B-BBEE rating is not the primary driver of our transformation strategy. Moloto seeks to achieve impactful, inclusive and long-term Black ownership of promising companies in key sectors across South Africa’s industrial spectrum.

In so doing, Moloto is establishing a business platform for value creation, next generation Black management development and skills transfer. This will result in a multiplier effect, which in turn will make a significant impact on the economic circumstances of many previously disadvantaged South Africans.


Our B-BBEE status will, however, bring tangible business benefits to our investee companies. Moloto’s strong empowerment credentials will raise ownership and procurement scores by as much as 40 points which will be a catalyst for expansion of investee companies’ financial growth prospects.


As a 100% Black-owned and woman-controlled company, investors in Moloto will further benefit through the enhancement of their own empowerment ratings.