Target Sectors

Moloto’s primary focus lies in areas where the founders have deep knowledge and wide experience: the relatively untransformed and under-performing yet potentially lucrative agricultural and manufacturing sectors.


We believe that agribusiness in South Africa is an under-resourced sector that has massive potential for the building of local capacity and job creation, increasing of export revenues, enhancing food security and delivering high margin profits.

Similarly, manufacturing is a cornerstone industry of the South African economy which, with the correct financial and management inputs, has the potential to drive significant job creation and national competitive advantage.


Our deal pipeline extends across the value chain into related sectors such as manufacturing, agribusiness, FMCG and corporate & industrial services.


Having acquired a control position in a company, Moloto enhances its value by:

  • Actively participating in operational management with an objective to improve efficiencies and productivity
  • Enabling more meaningful participation in the value chain by providing greater access to local and international markets
  • Growing market share by significantly enhancing B-BBEE credentials and applying global best practices in management and business development
  • Optimising the capital structures of investee companies
  • Introducing innovative and targeted sales and marketing initiatives
  • Maximising capacity and output which in turn will create employment opportunities
  • Leveraging governance control to ensure best practices and to realise our genuine commitment to sustainable transformation